Direct TRADE MISSIONS in specific locations where companies can improve their knowledge of international markets and perform marketing, research, promotion and sales actions. Experience total market immersion for your product and brand. Travel and explore a market. There’s no better way to understand the local industry landscape, assess the competition and learn about the promotion of your products.

We organise research visits, which include attending and participating in fairs, networking events, trade meetings and a customised B2B calendar.

We act as an agent specialised in collaborating with each of our clients to detect and promote business or improvement opportunities in different production processes.

Direct trade missions

Training sessions

Training in the destination and keynote speakers

Participation in trade fairs and events

Networking events

Customised commercial calendar

Visits to leading companies in the sector

Practical business sessions

Organisation of workshops and forums

Special assistance in destination

Leisure and cultural immersion programmes

Management of grants and processes

Personalised services



  • Visits to potential foreign strategic partners, distributors and business people at professional events with representatives from national businesses.
  • Customised organisation of B2B events depending on the interests of foreign and national companies.
  • In-house training and development.
  • Customised design of parallel action programme: visits to companies, technology centres and presentation in sector fairs.
  • Participation and organisation of capital-talent forums.