After more than 15 years and following successful professional experiences in the Communication, Design, Financial and Marketing sectors we decided to get involved as founding partners in different business projects, with the aim of “promoting and driving projects that combine talent and generate short-term investment value”.


  • Throughout our history passion for learning, support for people and their talent, and independence have always been present, in addition to an ability to stay ahead of the game and take on new challenges.
  • Today, Senxato is the result of a coherent business career. It is an experience that enables us to provide differentiation and work closely in cooperation with the client to achieve effective results in the quickest time possible.
  • Senxato, emerged as the first specialist in trade missions, immersion programmes, business training trips and the design of expansion and internationalisation plans. Today, we are involved in the development of business projects and models linked to traditional and digital economics.
  • We understand that the most effective way to advance and grow is to maintain a dynamic, immersive and sensible management style.
  • We work with an extensive network of collaborators and partners in destinations, business organisations and experts in different action areas.

Business biography